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    The University of Queensland (UQ) at St Lucia reopened today, 27 buildings were affected there by the recent floods. Fortunately the main historic buildings were not affected, and the water didn't reach any of the fifteen or so libraries on campus. I went to pick up some books and photocopy some articles, as I haven't been able to go there for over a week. I thought I'd take some photographs so you can see what it looks like. It is an old sandstone university, very different to some of the other universities where I have previously been a student (Griffith, University of Southern Queensland and James Cook University).

    From our little house it is only a fifteen minute drive to get to UQ, but on the way you drive along Coronation Drive, which runs parallel to the Brisbane River. Sitting at the lights on Coro Drive I could see beached pieces of metal walkways and debris along the ravaged river banks and even a maroon suitcase sitting atop a ferry terminal shelter with an assorted detritus of leaves and twigs left from the water.

    Driving through St Lucia, houses still show the lines from where the flood waters reached. It was a sad sight to see beautiful little Queenslanders with tide marks up to the windows. There were makeshift dumps as well too, piles of wet and muddy furniture and soft furnishings, households and households of discarded belongings. We looked for rental properties in that area when we were moving down here just before Christmas, and couldn't find one that was in our price range and would allow us to have our dog and cat, lucky us I guess. We didn't even factor the possibility of floods into the equation when we were searching. I guess we know better now.

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Back to School...

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