Queensland Floods...

    Toowoomba is where I spent the last five years working and teaching, before I moved to Brisbane. I can't believe the deadly floods they have had there. This news report covers what happened yesterday in Toowoomba and then goes onto look at the wider Darling Downs region. There are also flood warnings for Brisbane today.

    The only thing that has surprised me more than the flash floods are the insensitive and ignorant comments posted under You Tube footage and news reports saying Queensland needs to be nuked, or asking why people bother to live in Toowoomba, attacking politicians and political parties, laying blame etc. etc. I do however like this comment from news.com:

    Vic Conway of Australia Posted at 4:08 AM Today

    The cause of worsening weather,etc. AND the dead birds dropping from the sky, plus many other mass animal deaths - is A BLIZZARD OF ELECTRONS coming up from The Sun AND VICINITY!! A deadly red dust is also falling. Both blizzard of electrons and red dust are deadly killers!! What has happened so far since late in November 10, is NOTHING compared to what is coming!! I fully expect Queensland(South East,etc.anyway)to become a COMPLETE WRITE-OFF!! Happening world wide, though!! PREPARE for the VERY worst!! LITERALLY!!!! Vic Conway.(Contact me! I know what is happening!! vicon2000@gmail.com )

    Edit: I seem to have struck a cord with the blizzard of electrons quote above. Vic has also put forward that idea here and here. The only other places I can track down the phrase "blizzard of electrons" is here and here, but both of these references are to the Crab Nebula, not dead birds or apocalyptic events .

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Queensland Floods...

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