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    I am busy transcribing an interview I was lucky enough to be able to conduct with Laurie Duggan recently while he was in the country, he is a foremost Australian poet, currently residing outside London. He was warm and friendly and answered questions candidly and was very forgiving of the fact that it was my first interview (ever!). Thanks to his professionalism, my lack of experience didn't seem to affect the quality of the interview which will be utilised as primary research for my PhD thesis. It was an exciting experience for me also getting to talk to him and he generously gave me two of his books of poetry and (is this too uncool?) - I got him to sign them for me!

    It was a real delight to meet him and to discuss his poetry from his early career up until now. His latest book is Crab and Winkle, a great little book of poetry written in Duggan's wonderful journal/ collage/ I do this, I do that, style of writing. There are some good reviews on it here (Jacket magazine) and here (Australian Poetry Review). His writing is an ecclectic mix of so many influences, styles and models; I best way I can describe it is if you can imagine Ezra Pound and William Carlo Williams co-authoring work with Frank O'Hara, Jack Kerouac and Kurt Schwitters. That description pails into insignificance beside his actual work, but his works offer lovely observations, over-heard conversations, quotations from history websites and even graffiti, he combines moments, with reflections, questions, thoughts , etc. etc. to create a really interesting writing style that is all his own. You can also check out Duggan's blog.

    I have a new found respect of researchers/ journalists etc. everywhere who transcribe recordings, it is a long, slow process; probably made more tedious but my made-up touch typing style, that can either be fast or accurate, but not both. Have spent a couple of hours typing up the interview and I am only seven minutes in - the interview goes for over an hour - this may take a while!

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