So much to talk about...

    Hello all,

    Hope you had a great Christmas and that your New Years is equally wonderful. On Boxing Day our internet died, the line to the house is dead and will not be repaired until the 2nd of January - so no telephone and no internet at the moment.

    The washing machine is still broken and I am typing this in an empty little laundromat in Paddington while my clothes wash; this is the slowest computer I have encountered in years. I type and then I look up and watch the letters slowly appear one after the other like old fashioned magic. It would be novel if it didn't cost $2 for 20 minutes. That is the price of half a load of washing... anyway, television tells me that laundromats are interesting places, interesting things happen in them. I had an idealistic, somewhat romanticised vision of what going to the laundromat was going to be like - I was wrong. I guess because the last time I needed to use a laundromat was in Paris and everything is romantic and wonderful in Paris. That and the fact there was a cafe next door and I just had coffee while I waited and it was an experience, not a chore.

    Anyway, being cut off from the outside world I have been reading more than ususal, for uni and for pleasure. I finished the Hemingway novel, read a Graham Greene novel and a book of Charles Bukowski's poetry - excellent. Will tell you all about them soon. I also got Stephen Fry's autiobiography for Christmas! I have also been very diligently transcribing the interview also, more than half way through now. I will catch up when I can as there is so much to talk about.

    Until then,
    Happy New Year!!!
    Love Fiona

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So much to talk about...

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