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    These great images of writer David Foster Wallace's books taken from the University of Texas website and found via The English Muse. Wallace sadly committed suicide two years ago and the Harry Ransom Center now holds his archives. 34 document boxes, 8 oversized folders and 300 books from his personal library - many of which are annotated. The annotated books look like the site of an intellectual struggle, or a garden of ideas blooming or spider web to pin down thoughts - they are wonderful. I write in the books that are pivotal to my thesis (I own them) and I underline and leave myself notes and reminders, page markers, post it notes etc. I am a visual learner and colours and markers help me remember things. How about you? Do you highlight and underline? Do your books look like Wallace's?

    Also, another great find on Bellemeade Books reminded me of something I stumbled upon the other day and forgot to blog about. That the Paris Review now has all of its interviews online. Borges, Burgess or Burroughs - who ever you love to read. The Paris Review has a long history of writing about writers and also introducing new writers to the literary world. The magazine started in 1953 and it is probably most recognised for its "Writers at Work" interview series, allowing writers to talk about their own works, and edit the interviews, there are so many interviews - from 1955 onwards. There is also a great article about the interview process here.

    Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Links...

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