Introducing Michelle Dicinoski...

    Michelle Dicinoski: Image courtesy of the artist

    Michelle Dicinoski’s first poetry collection, Electricity for Beginners, was published by Clouds of Magellan in June 2011. Michelle’s poems and creative non-fiction have appeared in journals, newspapers, and anthologies including The Best Australian Poems, The Australian Literary Review, and Meanjin. After completing a PhD in creative writing at the University of Queensland in 2010, Michelle was awarded an Australia Council grant to work on her next book, a work of creative non-fiction. Her essay “How to Grow a Lawn” is forthcoming in Speak Now: Australian Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage (Clouds of Magellan, 2011).

    Milk teeth

    Three-year-old Sophia leans into danger
    like a sailor picks a fight. She swings
    through mornings with a candy swagger and
    stumbles home at night with her skin inked blue
    from where she’s assaulted the world.
    Something in this child makes you think
    she might be spared fear her whole life.
    This afternoon in Woolworths she’s
    all liquored up on milk-tooth bravado
    and rolls through the aisles on the trolley’s prow.
    Sit down, you say, it isn’t safe,
    but the kid just loosens her grip
    and shouts:
    I don’t want to be safe
    I want to be la la la.

    Catch Michelle at the Queensland Poetry Festival: Midday Arrives and Drinks /Sunday 28th August / Shopfront Space/ 12:15

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Introducing Michelle Dicinoski...

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