Why haven't I heard of that?

    Do you ever find yourself saying, "Why haven't I heard of that?".
    "Where have I been... under a rock?"...
    I have (it happens a lot more than I would like it to actually), but it has happened twice in the last two days.

    The first one was over the author Orhan Pamuk, apparently Turkey's most famous novelist, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize for literature, previously embroiled in an international freedom of speech/ civil rights campaign after being charged for insulting the Turkish republic. He has ten honorary doctorates from universities like Yale, Madrid, Florence and Berlin. As well as ongoing, unanswered controversies over plagiarism. His writing has been compared to Kerouac and Kafka and thanks to ebay and the strong Australian dollar, seven bucks later and I have purchased The New Life by Orhan Pamuk. How had I never heard of this remarkable writer?

    The second time that I realised that despite having completed a Bachelor or Arts majoring in Literature, and a Masters of Literature and commencing a PhD in Literature, I actually must live under a rock as I have never come across Bookshelf Porn before! One can tick off several of the seven deadly sins when looking at this page (greed, lust, envy etc.), however it is totally G rated (so you can look at it in the office, or if the children are around). Books, books and more books... oh! Thanks to Paperback Reader for linking to Bookshelf Porn!

    I really need to get out from under my rock and look around a bit more!

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Why haven't I heard of that?

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